To all who enjoy tantalising your tastebuds…….

Come and join us tonight at Wild Thyme in Napier … 

 Mains: Exquisite Lamb Tikka, baked in our wood oven, served with a scrumptious masala pot and roti.  Seasonal salad on the side. 

Juicy Kinglip bobotie,  with basmati rice and sambals. 
Spendid spanish chicken baked in our wood oven, topped with sun-dried tomato chourizo and smoked paprika served with crispy potato wedges and our seasonal salad.
Passionate primavera pasta, fresh seasonal veg  and home made pasta

Yummy Tapas :
Red kidney bean Hummus
Portuguese steak
Haloumi cheese 
Wild thyme prawns
Marinated Olives 
Spiced feta 

Delicious Desserts:
Decadent chilli chocolate brownies, 
Pavlova in a glass
Ice cream and Bar One sauce
Lemon brule tart
We look forward to seeing you later….

Please book your table so you do not miss out.

Bring your own wine and spirits as we are not licenced.

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