Southern Tip – Zoetendals relay race (and walk)

In 1488 Bartolomeu Dias turned back after he failed to reach the East in search of a trading route.   On his return journey he passed a certain flat piece of land on the 16th of May.   He named it after an Irish monk, St Brendan, whose festival day it was: ‘Ponte de Sao Brendao’.”All parties

You are invited to take part in the “Southern Tip – Zoetendals Vallei Relay Race” to commemorate Bartolomeu Dias sailing round the southern tip and also to remember all the shipwreck victims that lost their lives along the Cape Agulhas Coastline.

Click here to view or download the entry form.

  • Date: 11 May 2013
  • Distance: 14km Run & Walk, 40km Mountain bike,
  • Entrance fee: R150,00 per team of two or one individual
  • R 30,00 for the walk
  • Registration: 6:00am
  • Start: 8:00am (Relay Race)  & 8:15am (Walk)
  •  Start & Finish: Bosheuwel Precinct, Elim Road
  • PLUS: Stalls, Displays, Activities for Young and Old from 9:00am
  • Emmerentia De Kock on 028 435 6078
  • Alliston Appel on 028 356 216 (during office hours)
  • Giel De Kock on 082 908 4913

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