Napier Patatfees MTB Challenge

Mark says: “Hey there fellow ‘hubbers’ (visit thehub). I have moved to the Overberg of the Western Cape and have the honour of organising the MTB challenge as the last guy  moved…
What made me do it is the absolute love for the terrain and by that I mean challenging terrain.  There is no chance of any traffic, car fumes or gun toting gangsters.  You may see baboons, jackal buzzards or a rooikat.  There will be music and merryment!
Please consider joining us on 15th June weekend 2013.  We will have loads of fun, festivities, specials and you must book your accommodation in advance as we are a very popular village, though we will try to make a plan for you!
Contact me on or 084 277 7011.  Enter on

MTB Collage


One comment on “Napier Patatfees MTB Challenge

  1. Thank you so much for stopping by.Best regards.jalal

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