SASSA cards CAN be used at Checkers …

There was some confusion today when people in receipt of the Old Age Grants wanted to shop at Checkers – they were told that they had to draw cash first, then buy their groceries with the cash … this is NOT the case! Sassa card

For anyone who has been issued the new SASSA Card (with the microchip on) this card is acceptable at ALL retail outlets that accept Mastercard Credit or Debit cards.


6 comments on “SASSA cards CAN be used at Checkers …

    • Chris, ek weet nie of jy kan kontant daar kon trek nie … ek het nog nie probeer. Die enige plekke wat hulle vir my gegee het was SPAR, Checkers, Shoprite en Pick ‘n Pay as plekke waar jy kontant kan trek. MAAR, jy kan die kaart gebruik by enige plekke waar die Mastercard logo is om inkopies te doen.

      Ek hoop dit help.

  1. hallo I want to know will something happen when jou buy food with Jour sassa card at McDonald’s please will jou come back

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