Straight from the “horse’s mouth” … SASSA funds cannot be accessed for 10 days! (each month)

After spending 45 minutes listening to “we are aware of your call, please hold, the next available operator will be with you as soon as possible” I felt very sorry for anyone trying to access the SASSA Cash Paymaster Service (CPS) for information. If you used a cell phone to try to contact them, it would be costing a fortune! By the way – CPS is a division of Grindrod Bank.

Sassa card

Eventually a very helpful operator WAS available and he cleared up a few points that seemed to be causing concern for some acquaintances who are in receipt of Government Grants and are now in possession of the new “chip & pin” card …

  1. All money will be available in the card from the first day of each month!
  2. You CAN leave funds in the card to carry-over to the following month – this means that if you receive say, R1000 per month and only spend R800 then you can allow the balance to build up as a savings (this will help build up a nest egg for the end of the year of some other project).
  3. You CAN have the funds transferred to your bank account – but you have to phone CPS and issue the instruction BEFORE YOU DRAW ANY FUNDS. This means that you cannot have performed ANY transactions on your funds in that month, otherwise you will have to wait for the NEXT month before you can issue the instruction to transfer to another bank account.
  4. AND HERE’S THE CLINCHER that no-one seemed to know about … from the 20th of EACH MONTH the SASSA cards are blocked and cannot be used anywhere until the 1st of the next month. The reason is, apparently, because SASSA and CPS are reconciling the grants. This means that if you have budgeted to spend R250 per week, in week 4 it’s SORRY FOR YOU because you won’t be able to use the card! Your funds will still be there – they just won’t be available!

This bit of information has not been passed on to those receiving grants – the 21st should be interesting! Don’t try to phone them on that day – I bet your “hanging on time” will be more than the 45 minutes I experienced!


143 comments on “Straight from the “horse’s mouth” … SASSA funds cannot be accessed for 10 days! (each month)

    • Hi Cleopatra – unfortunately you will have to go to your nearest SASSA office and with your ID and SASSA card get them to reset your PIN for you – if you need to purchase anything before you do that, go to a shop, like Checkers where you can authenticate your purchase with your fingerprint instead of your PIN. Hope this helps … PS do it asap because the longer you leave it the greater the danger of them cancelling the card due to non-activity! Then you have to go through the whole process again.

    • I don’t think so … you have to go to your nearest SASSA office and do it there, or wait until they visit your area and then get them to reset it for you.

      It only takes a few minutes, but they MUST do it themselves … more frustration, I’m afraid!

  1. Iwil start my first sassa payment 1st july. Can I go to any checkers or shoprite to draw my first money or can I swippe anywhere withour drawing full amount also is there only limited days to draw

    • Yes you can, or you can swipe anywhere the “Mastercard” sign is displayed. You can draw the full amount … be aware that most people go on the first or second of the month and experience huge delays because of the queues .. I suggest go after that as it will be much quicker.

      • Thank you very much for your reply. This us so helpful we gt more answers here .I need the number to purchase electricity from my card please and the steps to follow

  2. I used my Sassa card today at Checkers, but it said that it’s not approved yet. What should I do now? Or more importantly; what can be wrong?

    • I experienced this with a Checkers and it was a fault at the Checkers system of that store – your card might be fine … try it at an ATM or another store. Once the card is issued and you have entered your pin when you received your card then it is “approved” so Checkers are talking nonsense!

      If it still doesn’t work at an ATM or another store, you may need to go back to SASSA and ask them to reset your password.

  3. I blocked my card and I went to the sassa office and I was told they cannot reset my pin. I have to wait for the day the pay point people go to the hall and use my finger print instead. Then I asked myself what’s the point of the offices existing. And if they can’t be bothered why did the swap me from receiving at the bank to sassa card. Its been three months now and no one wants to help. # Maluti a phofung

    • I’m sorry to hear that … I wish I could help, but I have nothing to do with SASSA … the only thing I can suggest is to go to the place where the “pay-point team” goes and let them re-set everything. Unfortunately, the SASSA offices have sub-contracted the cards etc to the pay-point people who also are not SASSA staff – they are service providers and ONLY they can re-set your pin for you.

      When you do re-set your pin, ask them what happened and what you can do to prevent this happening in the future.

  4. Plz help someone is been deducting my child support grant Over R200,can I go 2any Bank for printout or do I need to go 2Sassa offices.I want 2open d case and find that person.dat money is 4school transport nw I dont know what 2do

  5. I recently lost my sassa card and I’m worried because I hadn’t withdrawn the money from the account yet.Please explain the procedure that is followed when one needs a re-issueing of a sassa card

    • Hi Tshepang – I do not work for SASSA, but I understand that you would need to visit your nearest SASSA office (or team if they visit your area) and present your ID document … they will identify you and re-issue your card. There might be a charge for a lost card, I’m not sure. They will be able to issue you with a new card and a new pin immediately.

      I hope this helps.

  6. I tried to withdraw money on the 4th of September at a Nedbank atm but my money couldn’t come out after i punched in my pin,all of a sudden the machine was out of order with my money in but only the card came out.What should i do in this case??? pls help as i really need the money asap

    • Tsepo, I do not work for SASSA,it is probably a Nedbank thing … maybe they had run out of money in that ATM … go back to Nedbank and tell them what happened and then try again with an official of the bank with you. If THAT doesn’t work you will have to go to your nearest SASSA office … I hope you come right.

  7. I lost my sassa card 4 months ago n if I check my balance its still expanding I’m
    worrie it might be closed coz its bn a long
    Tym since I’ve lost my card.whn excetly is it closed

  8. Hi,is there any how I can check with my phone if the money is in my sassa account and wanna know if they do send a message that the money is in

    • Hi Maki – I do not work for SASSA, but I do know that you cannot check your balances via mobile banking, nor do they send out a notification that the money is in the account.

      All the monies are paid in on the first of the month – you can go to any ATM to check the balances.

      Hope that helps.

      • Hi if I can comment you can Dail *120*69277# then u are requested to put in your ID number #Sassa Bank card last 4 numbers & Your Bank pin and if then u are charged 0.75c for checking Balances.

  9. hlw have a problem with atm i used to swaep my child grant but 4rm last months there was no money on atm but wen i go to sassa office iget the money again this months i didnt get the money wat can be the problem cz i used to swaep not to go to hall

    • Hi Seipati – I do not work for SASSA, I’m not sure what the problem might be, the only way you will resolve it is to go to the SASSA office and explain what is going on, they should be able to help you.

  10. hey, I have lost my sassa card today, I do not know where I lost it, and its for the first time I lose it, do I need to make an affidavit like I saw on previous comment and take it to sassa?am worried because it has funds in it, and some one might use it or crack my pin…..please help

    • Hi Nthaby – I do not work for SASSA but I must advise you to go to your SASSA office as soon as possible
      to get a new card. Take your ID and any SASSA correspondence with you. They will issue a new card to you. Unless you have shared your PIN with someone, no one should be able to hack into your account.

  11. Wow I must say that for a person who doesn’t work for SASSA you sure do have plenty of knowledge about it. All these questions and answers really helped me alot by the way, big up to you!

  12. Hi my money was not in this month via atm I have checked it today again I calledhead office cape town and they said I must go to the paypoint sevice centres and get my money .Can I go to any service centre to get my money cause I am ineed of the money because my child is sick and needs meds

    • Hi Irma – yes, you can go to any SASSA paypoint … make sure you take your ID and to be safe, take any other SASSA documentation with you … you might not need it, but they might ask for it.

    • Hi Lizzy – I don’t work for SASSA so I can’t answer for them, I suggest you visit your local SASSA office, take your ID and any other documentation you used to support your first application and ask them what’s going on.

      • Thank u so much for your answer, i just do what u have reply to my question,they said i must re-applie it becos the 1st application already waited 4long tym so it cannot work anymore

    • Phuit – I do not work for SASSA – you can go to ANY SASSA office and tell them what happened, but you must take your Green ID book with you. They should be able to replace your lost card.

  13. Thom-Hi I hope your advice will help i knw you don’t work for SASSA if I can ask how many days does it take for a card to work after getting a new on as I lost the previous one

    • Hi Sthom … if you have received a new card, it should work immediately. There is no “waiting period” …. it should have been activated when they handed it to you.

  14. Thanks for all the information. My mother came to live with me She is a new owner of a Sassa card and are under the impression she has to use / withdraw before the 5th of each month. We life out of town and without Transport. On weekends we can get to town, but it is difficult during the week. I need to be sure of some details, if you are able to assist.
    1. There is no need to sign each month to receive money like with UIF
    2. She doesn’t have to go through the fingerprint thing, she can use the banks / some shops.
    3. She cant use the card from the 20th to month end, all transactions must happen before.
    4. If she doesn’t use/withdraw before the 5th, Her money can’t be withheld, it will still be available.

    • Hi Sonja – I do not work for SASSA but I hope I can help … in answer to your questions:
      1. Correct – there is no need to sign for the money, it is automatically loaded on to the card each month and she can use it from the 1st of each month at any place that accepts cards – so she can use it like a debit card.
      2. Correct – she doesn’t have to go through the fingerprint thing, however, at some supermarkets they try to insist on using the fingerprint as a PIN instead of allowing her to insert the PIN at the till point, if this is the case she can complain to the manager as using the PIN was the point of this type of card being distributed. Some supermarkets are just idiots!
      3. I was told by a SASSA official that from the 20th until the month end they lock the cards in order to do the next run of admin building up to the new month. I’m not sure if this is still the case. But to be on the safe side, try not to use the card after the 20th in case you are disappointed. Any money left on the card at the 20th is NOT lost, it will still be there when the new balance is added at the start of the new month.
      4. Correct – her money will still be available after the 5th of the month.

  15. Morning please help, My sister lost the sassa card before she could withdraw, will she get the money after making a new card?

  16. I lost my sassa card @ got a new 1 but they say I must wait 3 working days befor I can draw money why?

  17. my problem is I wz receiving grant money for 1 child so last month I applied for the second 1 they told me I’m going to get the money this month and I only received 130 for 2 kids so wat should I do plzzzz help

    • I do not work for SASSA. You have to take up this enquiry with your local SASSA office – take your SASSA card, your Identity Document and any other documentation that you have regarding your child grants.

  18. i have lost my personal belongings including my sassa card in my wallet and id and i am at my grandmothers place which is more than km away from home i want to know if its possible to get a new card where i am even if it is not where i originaly applied?

    • You need to visit your local SASSA office – it doesn’t have to be the one you originally applied at – and ask them for a replacement card. You will need to take your ID document with you. Hope this helps.

  19. It is the first time idd grant and it was successfuly iwas told that imust first go to the hall to collect my money but it was closed and when igo to the atm it said inssuficient what must ido?

  20. hi. my friend is receiving child grant but doesn’t need it. I know it’s wrong as she and her husband own a business and live lavishly. I know of people who are in need of that little 300 and could use it for survival.
    I need to report this but want to remain anonymous so please can you help as I have sent an email to Sassa’s fraud email address and still no reply. I know you don’t work for Sassa but I’d appreciate the help.

    • Hii – thanks for this information …. you can call CrimeLine or SMS them on 32211 …. you couls also g to your local MP or Town Councillor and report the matter. Keep a record of who you speak to and when …. if nothing happens quite quickly, I’d write to the local newspapers and also to Carte Blanche
      Hope this helps

  21. Good Morning,
    My mum tried using her SASSA card at a supermarket the other day and message said CANCELLED. She has since tried about 2-3 more times with same results. Please can you advise the reason for this.

  22. I lost my sassa card and in need of the money, can I get it using my ID, and where can I get it?

    Help appreciated

      • my Sassa card gotin in to Atm nd they said they can’t take it out for me what I need to have to make a new card

      • Thembelihle you will need to visit your nearest SASSA office, explain what happened and they will give you a new card. You must take your ID with you.
        Hope this helps.

  23. I mistakenly gave a wrong cellphone number when I applied for my child’s grant .is it necessary for me to go to sassa office in order to change it

  24. Hi I lost my card so now I found it, so if I may ask am I still going to get my money on 24 or should I wait for 1st of month and again if is 1st am I going to get all my money including last month money

  25. I went 2 collect my child grant at shoprite but it seems like R1O WERE NOT AVAILEBL SO THEY ONLY GAVE ME R300 WILL I GET MY R30 next month?

    • That’s just BAD MANAGEMENT on Shoprite’s part! You can go back anytime and get the balance, it doesn’t have to be on one particular day. The next time you’re in Shoprite, pop in and get the remainder of your money.

  26. I collect my child grant at shoprite it seems like they didnot have R10s they give me R300 so i am wondering will i get my balance of R30 next month!

    • I do not work for SASSA …. as far as Shoprite is concerned I think it’s very bad planning on the management side that they didn’t have enough R10’s …. you can collect the reminder of your grant at any time during the month, you don’t have to only go once per month. If you do not collect the balance this month, it will be available next month.

      Hope this helps.

  27. i insert ma sassa card in nedbank ATM,i enter a pin bt the ATM respnd with technical i recieve slip nt a card,what must i do?

  28. I have heard some people saying every month their sassa money clock on their phone,so i want to knw how can i do it? Does it cost?

  29. Hi after my application for child support was accepted with a letter saying 1st payment will be R418.00 & i should go collect it at ‘cars’ paypoint but got R330 so just wondering if i should call or visit sassa after 2nd payment if its stil R330???

    • Hi Sarah – I don’t work for SASSA … what might have happened is that there was a pro-rata amount added to the R330 giving you a larger amount on your card for the first month … but I suggest you call SASSA and ask them.

      Hope this helps.

  30. Hi there, I’m trying to find information for my neighbour. She wants to transfer some of her money from her sassa account to her daughter’s sassa account. Is this possible? If so, how do you do it?

  31. every month wen im going to withdraw the money for my 2 kids i only get 530 i dont knw wher is the resr going pls help m

    • I do not work for SASSA so am not able to answer your question, nut I suggest you visit your nearest SASSA office and ask them the reason – take your ID document and your SASSA card with you. I hope that helps.

  32. Hi
    My Sassa card was stuck in an atm machine while processing the request. It happened after a punched the pin and the amount. I re-register the other card, but the problem is showing insufficient fund. I visited Sassa office they told me that I should wait for 48 hours. I went to atm to check after 3 days but still insufficient fund. In the Sassa system my money is showing that is there at the bank, but the balance at the bank is R0.00 . I am from Mpumalanga and re-registered it Gauteng. Is’ t because I opened it in the other province that is why its taking long to be approved. Please help.

    • I don’t work for SASSA Tshililo, The fact that you registered in one province shouldn’t affect your payouts. I’m afraid that you will have to visit a SASSA office again and explain that their solution didn’t work and they need to fix whatever it is that is wrong. I’m sorry but I can’t offer any other advice.

  33. Hi I just need to knw why must I go to a paypoint if I have a card?why can’t I just draw money from a ATM?I have no transport to go to a paypoint.Can’t walk.What nw?

    • No you don’t have to go to a SASSA paypoint – but sometimes a supermarket that pays out cash to SASSA recipients is sometimes called a “Paypoint” … you can use your card like any other bank card to make purchases or to draw cash from an ATM (but you will be charged for this).

  34. Hi
    Just want to know if the first is on weekend when does sassa pay the money in as the 1st is this time on Sunday. Do we get payed on friday the 30th?

  35. Hi good day

    I would just want to know if the 1st is on a weekend like this month on Sunday do we get grants on the friday the 30th?

    Thank you
    Please answer me via email

    • I do not work for SASSA – my understanding is that the money is always available to you on the 1st of the month, regardless of which day of the week it is – I have heard that sometimes the money is even available the day BEFORE the 1st

  36. Hi. Can I go to any paypoint in limpopo to get my child’s grant for the first time? I’m from Pretoria n currently in limpopo the letter I have from sassa says I must go to a hall in Pretoria. Pleas help.

    • I do not work for SASSA, but I would think that if you go to your nearest SASSA office, taking your ID document and your letter from SASSA, that they would be able to assist you.

  37. can anyone help October I go for a loan but it was declined. November month I paid 19rand and I blok my number from buying airtime and electricity the guy I phone said it be blocked within 24 hours he give my reference number. .this month December the grand was 150.i went to tht place.no1 have answers I fax my things.what is my next step

  38. Can anyone maybe help me? My dad is visiting in botswana and need to draw his money. We tried two of our local banks but the transaction was declined. Any idea where we can go to draw? Dont want to drive all the way down to SA for this. Many thanks

    • I don’t work for SASSA …. the only thing I can suggest is that you phone a SASSA office and enquire what banks you can use …. possibly those cards cannot be used outside the RSA, I’m not sure. If they can only be used in South Africa you’ll either have to drive to an SA bank or send the card to someone in SA who can draw the funds for you and then send them to you in Botswana … however that type of action is fraught with difficulties and opens you up to fraud and extra costs.

  39. I lost my sassa card last year Novemb and my identity document so I didn’t take my money for two month, and my problem is I don’t know whether I re register for another card or I have to start afresh.

  40. Hi I’m gouwa I need hlp I’ve been receiving airtime and electriity for m e
    Sassa all the time but all of the sudden I could frm the first of this month I could didn’t anymore it states pls type in ure I.d nos then ure last 4 digist and then ure pin.code after I did that it showed registration failed…..I’ve tried to many times over other sim cards shows the same pls hlp me I’m mom alone with 5 boys struggle already on m own here’s people that steals people information and thn buys airt and electricity frm they’re pH and sold it to other people

  41. hi,my SASSA card has been blocked because i put wrong pin 3 times,is it possible to go straight to any SASSA offices not the one i got registered to? am very far from offices where i registered.

  42. hi im nomsa i have deregistered my id number and they said i cannot use my id on um,so i want to khw that what do they mean and if i will get my money next month

    • Hi Nomsa – I do not work for SASSA …. you will have to contact SASSA at their office nearest to you. Take all your paperwork, ID documents and anything else with you.

  43. I only realised after a while that the problem could have been with the atm. I have exceeded my pin tries at the atm. What’s my other option to get money from my sassa card or should I try again tomorrow?

    • You can try again tomorrow but if that doesn’t work you may have to reset your PIN of your SASSA card and that means you’ll have to go to your SASSA office to do that.

      • Hi I entered my frail moms pin incorrectly three times. Can i try again tomorrow or is it blocked. Does she have to go in to sassa again or can I go with her id

      • If you’ve entered the PIN incorrectly 3 times it will need to be reset by SASSA – if you have your mother’s permission to transact on her account you can do it for her, otherwise she will have to accompany you to the nearest SASSA office. Her permission must be registered with SASSA – if she hasn’t done that she MUST accompany you otherwise it will be a wasted journey.

  44. hi my name is chrisy i have a problem,i have two kids and ive been getting 250 for 2months know i dont know why for two kids

  45. i have jst applyd for sassa child grand on 1/08/16 (first time) and i was wondering if how long does it take for me to start receiving the money?

    • I do not work for SASSA so am unable to answer you correctly, however from what I’ve heard you will receive your first money in about 6 weeks, backpaid to when you were registered, then regularly every month.

  46. hi,i have two children and i get paid 700 every month but this month i only got 400 and i dont know why

    • I do not work for SASSA – you will need to contact your nearest office with your SASSA details and ID and ask them what has happened. They will be able to assist you.

  47. Hi my dad passed away on 03 October 2016 can my mom still use his sassa fund for that month or not, We have not yet given his death certificate to the sassa office.

    • I do not work for SASSA – but I would suggest that you contact the SASSA office for guidance – I suspect that the SASSA funds are paid in arrear, therefore the funds that have arrived at the end of September were for the month of September, therefore it is probably OK to access the funds.

    • Hi TT, I don’t work for SASSA …. I don’t think you can check your balance using your cell phone. You will need to go to an ATM or one of the chains that support those cards (Checkers) and ask them to check it for you.

  48. hi. I registered my son for sassa last month on 1st December so they said I will get the money dis months but i didn’t get it. when I go to DE bank it says the balance is 00

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