What “public participation?” … it’s a joke!

Public participation is the process by which an organization consults with interested or affected individuals, organizations, and government entities before making a decision. Public participation is two-way communication and collaborative problem solving with the goal of achieving better and more acceptable decisions. Public participation prevents or minimizes disputes by creating a process for resolving issues before they become polarized. Other terms sometimes used are ‘public involvement,’ ‘community involvement,’ or ‘stakeholder involvement.’


So … According to Mr Francois du Toit (at CAM) there was public participation but they felt that it was NOT [my emphasis] necessary to inform the Estate Agents.”

I beg your pardon, Mr Du Toit, how can the regulation of Estate Agent Signs NOT affect estate agents?

Is this yet ANOTHER example of them being neither “civil” nor “servants”?
Read Patrick’s FULL article here!


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