If you can’t deliver – say so, don’t hide!

You’d think that when two large organisations join forces to “reward” customers that they’d actually care about how the system worked – or at least, ensure that it DID work. But sadly, Spec-Savers SA and Clicks have dropped the ball.

The Spec-Savers website presents the “carrot” that you can “Earn Voyager, MyOwn, eBucks or Clicks ClubCard points on all purchases. MyOwn and eBucks may be redeemed on all transactions” … but what they don’t tell you is that these “loyalty points” aren’t automatic … you have to initiate the process and ask for them at the time. Now that in itself is not too onerous, but when you DO ask for them to be added and you present your ClicksCard and you see it swiped, the inordinate delay in actually having those “points” added to your account is baffling. My Case: service provided at Someset Mall Spec Savers  Clicks Collage 28th February 2013. Points actually processed and sent through to Clicks system: 12th April 2013. Why? I asked … I still wait for the reason/explanation/apology after phoning the branch 3 times and being fobbed off 3 times with promises to “get back to me.” What a good thing I didn’t hold my breath!

The official Spec-Savers line is that points for Clicks Clubcard are only processed every two weeks. This is understandable seeing as it is an add-on and not really contributing to the Spec-Savers coffers. But the time between the 28th February and the 12th April is 3 x two-week CYCLES. This leads me to conclude that my queries and phone calls during that period were just ignored. Us old people can be such nuisances can’t we? I mean, imagine phoning a busy outlet like Someset Mall Spec-Savers to ask about some manky old points to be added to the Clicks ClubCard. Bloody irritating. Let’s just ignore the old git and he’ll get his points when we’re good and ready!

And I’m sure I am an irritation. A burr under the saddle of the galloping Spec-Savers horse. A thorn in the paw of the lion. Perhaps, then, they shouldn’t offer the “added value” of “earning points.” The good news is that they HAVE awarded the points to my account, but it will only reflect in the next 3-month Clicks period. You see, the whole point of getting them allocated in THIS present period was to have them added to the rest of my accumulation to make it a bumper quarter and easier to redeem the points for a specific purpose and goal. But us old people are so “picky” – I mean what’s a few extra Click points?

Well, Spec-Savers Somerset Mall … it’s the principle of the thing. You couldn’t be bothered to do what you needed to do within the time standards that you set yourself. Nor could you be bothered to return phone calls after promising to do so. Nor could you even be bothered to issue an apology and an explanation as to what went wrong and why.

What so many young “whippersnappers” don’t get these days, is that us oldies can actually take bad news. If you blew it, say so! All it takes is the guts for someone to stand up and take responsibility by saying, sorry, old timer. We screwed up. Forgive us. What is the most irritating and annoying thing of all is the ducking and diving that so many people do these days and by whatever means, try to avoid the issue. Or try to lay the blame on someone else. This time, Spec-Savers Somerset Mall, you blew it and you chose to try to hide it under a carpet and hope that this grumpy old man would go away!

Oh, by the way – it seems that I’m not the only one with “loyalty card” issues, some other folk are also asking things via the Spec-Savers website about delays in seeing their “reward” reflected on their “sister” accounts.


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