What on earth have you been smoking?

Rutters Stocktakers

Some foods have always been viewed by many as “delicacies” and owing to their expense or unusualness, were only enjoyed on special occasions. Foods like foie gras (now relegated to the ranks of “not really acceptable to enjoy” by some), truffles, pigeon, birds nest soup, lobster, abalone, caviar and many more. The list goes on. There was even a time when roast chicken was a treat sometimes only enjoyed once a month.

One thing that doesn’t seem to lose its appeal as something special is smoked salmon. There’s something about the colour, texture and delicate taste that sets it apart from other dishes. But even this noble dish has become mired in controversy and a victim of cost-cutting. It seems that suppliers and nouveau-suppliers (the new guys on the block) saw that people regarded salmon as something very special and decided to make it available to…

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