What’s the point of all the expensive and choking fires?

Grumpy's Book of Knowledge

Now, I can be as opinionated and as adamant as the next bloke, but what really baffles me is how “traditional celebrations” that are blatantly provocative continue. I refer, of course, to the July 12th marches and celebrations of the Protestants over the Catholics at the Battle of the Boyne. I’m pretty sure someone will point out to me, in a delightful brogue, “to be sure, you don’t understand … ” Well, yes, to be sure, I DON’T!

What’s even more baffling is the lengths people go to in order to build piles of tires and wooden pallets that are 100 feet high – and then they’re going to burn them down!

And no one mentions the pollution that this will give off – where are all the “greenies,” now? Where are all the  “save-a-tree-and-consider-the-implications-before-you-print-this-message” NOW?

And who’s paying for all the stuff they’ve piled up? There’s probably some…

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