Gadgets rule? OK for some …

Rutters Stocktakers

It would be disconcerting to a speaker, while in mid-flow of his oration, to see various members of the audience get up to move around – or to even walk around the auditorium and then return to their seats. Or for a busy restaurant owner suddenly to see the odd patron get up and walk outside for a few minutes then return to the table. They could be forgiven for thinking, “What’s going on here?”

The next wave of techno-gadgets has arrived, and for the observer, these odd displays of activity could be the result of the actions the gizmo tells the new users to perform. Sceptics may refer to this as self-enforced “tagging” but the blurb on it tells that this programmable device can monitor the wearer’s habits and actions and remind them of when they need to be more active – like getting up to have a…

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