… coming to a restaurant near you, test tube meat!

Rutters Stocktakers

If you were to ask someone which football team they supported, their answer might surprise or even infuriate you. “How can you support Liverpool if you’re just down the road from Old Trafford?” you might ask. And if their team was not the same as yours, much of your conversation would be trying to convince each other why they should switch allegiances – and neither of you would win THATbattle. What is it about loyalty to teams or individuals that drive us so much? Why do some punters follow the trainer (regardless of the horse he has running) while others put their cash on the jockey irrespective of the beast he happens to be sitting on?

Usain Bolt nailed hiscolours firmly to the mast when he pleaded with Prince William not to let young George grow up in a Villa shirt. Too late, Usain, Villa had already sent…

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