Need a “clear out” at your house?

  • Moving on logoDo you want to sell items of furniture or household goods?
  • Do you need to clear out unwanted bits and pieces?
  • Have you been frustrated (and annoyed) by using Gumtree as your “sales window”?

Moving On (Overberg) could be the solution to what you need done … you decide what you want to sell, you fix the price you want and Moving On will catalogue, photograph and advertise your sale. You don’t even have to move the stuff from A to B … the sale is held at your home and the buyers have to move it out on the same day.

This is NOT an auction! Buyers are allowed into the “viewing rooms” individually (their order is determined by drawing lots) and they can then take a ticket from an item and go and pay for it. The next buyer cannot buy what’s not ticketed.

Houses have BEEN CLEARED within an hour! There’s a lot more to tell you so why don’t you contact Lindy, the Moving On contact person for the Overberg – contact her on in Napier: 028 423 3834 or 084 442 2010

Do you want to see this in operation? There are two sales in Bredasdorp on 10th August … one from 10h00 to 11h00 the second is from 14h00 to 15h00.

If you want to know where to go, you need to visit the Moving On website, and subscribe to the newsletter. The newsletter contains the address (plus directions) to each sale.
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