Facebook rules for parents …

Grumpy's Book of Knowledge

Well, older parents is what I mean! The children are “friends” via Facebook but are at pains to point out that they DON’T want me to post anything on MY Facebook page that relates to them (apparently it’s embarrassing).

AND … I’m not allowed to “tag” them in any photo. God help me if I comment on anything and UNDER NO CIRCUMSTANCES must I “share” any experience on MY Facebook page that involves them. The odd “like” is usually ok.

Absolutely NO PRIVATE information is to be shared by me … So … I can be proud of my children and what they do, I can love them unconditionally and take as many photos and videos as I like, I can admire their achievements and cry with them when they’re disappointed or let down, I can comfort and support them, I can have fun with them (or watch them have…

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