You have to know your prices …

It pays to know your prices as you travel around and pop in to shops from time to time. We shot off to Hermanus yesterday (Women’s Day) and during the course of the day visited Checkers, Pick ‘n Pay and the Fruit & Veg City – Checkers because it was right next to where we were chatting to Keith Murray at his photographic studio.

At Checkers we bought a few items but they didn’t have the variety we were looking for and Rose then suggested we pop in to Pick ‘n Pay to look for it. We had also made a decision to visit the Fruit & Veg City to get some vegetables. You see, Rose has to watch very carefully what she spends on food so that she can keep the cost of the meals she provides to her clients at a reasonable level – so she REALLY KNOWS her prices, but she has to shop around.

Here’s an example: 2 litres of cooking oil at Checkers was R27.99 … R35.49 at Pick ‘n Pay … and R42.99 at Fruit & Veg City (for the same product!).

The other thing that annoyed us was that at Fruit & Veg City the section of “vegetables” was pathetically small (and DON’T climb on the bandwagon of “well they’re not in season”) because the veggie shop in Bredasdorp makes Fruit & Veg City look sick with the choice THEY have!

Also, the pumpkin at Fruit & Veg City was more than TWICE the price we can get it for in Bredasdorp (we know because we bought pumpkin on Thursday) at R3.49 but R7.99 at Fruit & Veg City!

The good thing that came out of Fruit & Veg City was that they had a great selection of pork at really good prices – roast leg, chops and rashers all at R29.99 per kg!

Pick ‘n Pay has stopped being the place to go for reasonable prices – years ago they were the cheapest with the best service … just saying …


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