Apple-crisp baked apples

Grumpy's Book of Knowledge

I picked up this idea from and thought it looked good … even Icould do this and not mess it up!

I looked at the recipe, assembled the ingredients and realised that we don’t get “pink lady” or “jazz apples” here. What the heck, I just got some Granny Smiths from Checkers … and I forgot the cider. Oh, well, the white wine would just have to do … AND I couldn’t get walnuts on their own, so a bag of mixed nuts it was!

Apple CollageThe method said to preheat the oven to 350º  – check! Then cut the tops off the apples and gouge out the guts (although they didn’t put it quite like that) until each is a hollow “cup” of apple. Chuck the oats, sugar (Muscavado), chopped nuts, ground spices and small cubes of COLD butter into a bowl and ‘combine’ –…

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