People Against Abuse talk in Napier … Monday 10 August

PAA (People Against Abuse) was launch in the Overberg, Bredasdorp on 22 April 2013 with the Minister of Defence, Dan Plato and the Mayor of the CAM area – they gave their full support on SABC 2 to the PAA.

Ilse van der Walt will explain the safety model of the PAA in the CAM Area on Monday at 10 am at the Napier Retirement village.

ClubhouseBackground on the PAA and its courses:  In the 1970 the Women Preparedness Front conducted nationwide courses for women in shooting and selfdefence. They had 30 000 members with 17 full time instructors. Laurette van der Walt was the head of the Front with her daughter, Ilse van der Walt, one of the Instructors. The courses have been run periodically and as far as it is known, not one women, after attending a course, was unsuccessfully able to defend herself after a attack.
PAA say, “want to bring communities into communication and training so that all can stand up against crime. This can be done if all participate and let their voice be heard in South Africa saying that we are no longer victims of crime, but will stand in our power and protect the weak and innocent.
It is time to take our responsibility seriously as crime is booming and we are not taking any positive actions so that we can be the role-models that our children can follow. We wonder why our kids get depressed in primary school. We should change the media coverage to that of overcoming an attack.
Contact Lindy Warren for more details: 028 423 3834 & 084 442 2010

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