Well, THAT was close!

Voet logo & dateYou might not have been aware of the drama behind the scenes over the last week – but the good news is that it has been averted.

The VOET OF AFRIKA 2013 is ON …. the drama was that we had gotten the news that the event had been cancelled due to the lack of a sponsor!

This advice was received yesterday:

This morning (26 Aug) I was in a special meeting with Boland Athletics, Bredasdorp Municipality, Agri Mega Group and Top Events regarding Voet 2013 and we got a sponsor for the event.

The Voet van Afrika 2013 will go on as advertised with no changes to the route or anything connected to the race. The Voet is on 19 Oct 2013.

Please put it back on your calendar / Race Diary.

Good news indeed!


2 comments on “Well, THAT was close!

    • Yes, your right! Great news for the region – what a shame that sponsors are “shy” because of mismanagement by a few in the past that have spoiled it for the good organisers like the Ambrose’s

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