Cape Agulhas Municipality – you STINK!

Grumpy's Book of Knowledge

Victim screenshot FacebookI was very disturbed today. I didn’t think I would be, but I was. I have been through a bloody war and seen some horrendous things, but when I opened the CAPE AGULHAS MUNICIPALITY Facebook page today I was shocked.

Some idiot … let me be specific … an ANC supporter …  had been permitted to post a picture of a naked woman, dead (it appeared), with her stomach cut open, revealing her innards, for anyone to see … on a public forum, on the MUNICIPAL FACEBOOK PAGE !!!!!!!!!

And it took the intervention of the Ward Counsellor, Warnick October, before the offending image was removed! Until then, the Municipality couldn’t have cared less!

CAT supporter Screenshot croppedThis goes to show how much those who govern really care and think about those who they “serve” … what an absolute disgrace! How can the elected officials actually allow, condone (and by implication, sanction) the…

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