Posh Pubs and Becks …

Rutters Stocktakers

Dan Sheahan had been looking forward to a large beer at the end of the day, in fact he had ridden 20 miles to get it! He was so distraught at finding that the US Servicemen had drunk the place dry that he penned the immortal lines to “The Pub With No Beer.” Slim Dusty was so moved by the story that he was persuaded to sing it on April Fools Day in 1957.

DSC_0012But there is nothing “foolish” about the events in Blackburn over the years. It’s turning into the town with no pubs, let alone beer! Dan Sheahan would have written a positively morbid and decidedly dreary poem if he was here today. This trend seems to be occurring throughout the country with some areas hit harder than others. And while there are many reasons / excuses cited as to why it is occurring what is indisputable is…

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