Did you know about Greyton House?

Greyton owl croppedThe school creates “A Childhood to Remember” in a wholesome and secure country environment, encouraging innovation and creativity, both in learning opportunities and in the development of the children. An impromptu, open-air science laboratory or a practical lesson about alien vegetation or rivers, or a clamber up the gorge, are all within a few minutes’ walk of the school.

Education at Greyton House strives to build confident, respectful and enriched children who are academically and socially equipped to face the challenges of a wider world. We provide a caring environment where each child’s unique potential is unlocked and celebrated.

The school offers a fully representative curriculum presented by highly competent, experienced and dedicated teachers.

Greyton is known as the “jewel of the Overberg” and no wonder: apart from the exquisite setting, it must be one of the few places where parents can safely allow their children the freedom to cycle to friends, walk to school, skip down to the café and fish in the river.

We agree with Nelson Mandela, who used the quote: “It takes a village to raise a child.”

Please share this information – it could change a life for the better!


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