Parking off at the palace …

Rutters Stocktakers

The Premier Parking Solutions MD must have either read our blog of 5 June or he visits the Queen Victoria in Essex. The Queen Vic. Decided to make sure that their regulars had parking available by charging non-customers for using their parking area. But now Barrie Douglass (from Premier Parking) has decided to think laterally and he sees this as a solution to help struggling pubs. How? Charge the customers to park and thereby increase the pub’s income.

The only problem, Barrie, is that if I had saved my hard earned dosh for a couple of pints down at my local and then they wanted to charge me on top of the price of my tipple, I would have a sense of humour failure and probably walk there (so you’d lose my extra money anyway) or I’d go somewhere else and you’d lose my custom altogether. I don’t think…

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