Don’t do it! … DON’T click on the link …

Image: Steve Woods

Image: Steve Woods

Look at the scam email message that I received this morning … 

“Dear Client,
Your online access has been temporarily closed
as we detected an unusual IP address making incorrect
signin attempts with your card number. 
Please confirm your access immediately to show
that you are not currently away and restore it. 
Restore your online access” ……
(this last line is a hyperlink that, when you click on it, takes you to a phishing site that looks genuine … as you type in your login details it clones your information and then, SURPRISE, it doesn’t connect you to your account – but in the background you have compromised your security and technically you have “shared” your details with a third party and if you lose any money it will be an uphill battle to get your bank to refund you!) 

No bank is going to send you an email like this … if your online access REALLY IS closed, you’ll discover it when you try to get on line and then when you can’t you will contact your bank yourself.


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