Averted, foiled … the attempt at Hara-kiri

Image: Cris DeRaud

Image: Cris DeRaud

Kudo’s to Dave at ‘Bootup Micro‘ when my desktop tried to commit ritual suicide by ripping its guts out and bleeding bytes all over my cyberspace!

Dave negotiated with it … he coaxed it back from the edge of oblivion and off the ledge of self-destruction … he encouraged it, he made it want to live again and gave it hope. He helped it to focus on the future and convinced it that it was loved and wanted.

A traumatic day for computer and me … but we’re both happy again! Thanks Dave!

If you’re having trouble with a delinquent computer, give Dave a call – he has a way with them that will leave you both smiling. 

Call Dave on: 08 444 000 42 (what a great mobile number, too!)


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