You’re invited to meet the “GS” team on Friday!

GS portraitsWhen I first saw the flyer I didn’t think I would need to use their services seeing that I wasn’t a farmer or had anything to do with engineering. But after chatting to Gideon and Karen and finding out about what they do I was pleasantly surprised to find that right on our doorstep we have a business that can solve a variety of domestic problems too – from servicing and repairing fridges, freezers and other appliances to electrical work (Gideon is qualified) and also plumbing.

So even though the farmers can get great service at a moment’s notice, folks living in town can too! And while I don’t have a borehole or need industrial or engineering machinery maintained , I have a geyser and a fridge and a garden irrigation system that does need to be looked at from time to time.

Gideon and Karen invite you to pop in to their store from 11 o’clock onwards on Friday 25th to meet them and enjoy a snack and a glass of “something” while you find out a bit more about what they can offer. (It’s the shop next door to the OK Minimark in Napier).

For catering purposes, please let them know you’re coming so that they can make sure you have something in your hand and are not left staring at an empty plate.
Phone Karen on 028 423 3006
GS Flyer


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