Fresh meals (delivered) available in Caledon!

Lindys Kitchen logoLindy’s Kitchen – operating in  Caledon, prepares delicious meals and “lunch boxes” that are delivered right to your door! Using local, fresh produce, Lindy and her team will delight you with culinary combinations that will keep you coming back for more.

For example, here’s today’s Menu (it changes daily, depending on what produce is available)

• Delicious creamed beetroot and potato soup – R14.00
• Topside roasted on an open fire and served thinly sliced with potato fritters and a mixed garden salad – R34.00
• Free range chicken casserole prepared in a tarragon sauce and served with leafy greens and wild black rice – R36.00
• Lamb, sweet potato and braised fennel salad – R34.00
• Herbed Fish cake – R9.00
• Lentil cutlets – R9.00
• Cauliflower onion and caper based salad – R9.00 per 150g
• Tangy carrot salad with sesame seeds – R9.00 per 150g
• White bean, Fennel and date salad with a yoghurt and cumin dressing – R9.00 per 150g
• 6 Fruity filled tarts – R12.00

Packaging and cutlery are charged separately – customers are welcome to provide their own containers
Deliveries between 12 – 1 pm & 3.30 – 5pm
If you wish to order or make an inquiry, please let us know what portion size you would like
and we can weigh and call or email you with a price.

Give Lindy a call: 083 357 3436 or 028 212 3099
Lindys Kitchen header


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