Free seeds (worth £16/kg) with every pumpkin!

Rutters Stocktakers

With the “holiday season” nearly upon us, trust the prices to go up! It seems that year after year the headlines are the same and the shoppers are disappointed, again, at how far their £ doesn’tstretch. The thing is, this doesn’t refer to all the toys and specials that are touted as gifts. This refers to the stuff people like to buy to celebrate their holiday preference with family and friends – food!

It appears that many stores try to cash in on Christmas (or Hannukah or Hogmanay) as the cost of some foods rise by up to 20%. Even Brussels sprouts have been reported to have soared 17% in price (Why?) and other items by similar increases. You might even find that some stocktakers dealing with the supermarkets have “Holiday Inventory Spreadsheets” to deal with the requests their clients make on them at this time of the…

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