Working towards better photographs …

Rule of thirdsAs the holiday season draws nearer and more folk are probably going to enjoy some kind of break or time off, it is highly likely that we’re going to see all types of holiday snaps on the various social media like Facebook, Pinterest and Twitter. With so many mobile phones now able to take photos, I thought it might be a good time to suggest a few tips towards better images. These are general hints for the quick point-and-shoot type camera.

  1. Use the rule of thirds – in your mind’s eye, divide your viewfinder into thirds across and vertically so you have 9 blocks. Position your subject into one of the thirds (or on the cross-hairs) as a way of making a more interesting composition instead of putting it exactly in the middle.
  2. Move around your subject (if you can) so you cut out the “messy” background – you might…

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