Have you ever been a “backer” for a movie?

Kickstarter CollageWell, here’s your opportunity to support a young and upcoming team who are making a short movie … YES, they need bucks! Well, £’s actually … they have a Kickstarter Project that you can go to in order to view the details and watch Tarryn’s video about what she needs.

For as little as £1.00 you can be involved (YES, that’s only R15.00) or more if you feel so inclined!

So why am I promoting this? Well, I’ve known Tarryn since she was born (her dad was my Best Man) … she followed a dream and became a model, writer and producer. She didn’t get as much work as some models though, because she had an uncompromising stand on what she did and did not want to do and wouldn’t cross over the line that she had drawn for herself. She has done some amazing work and some of you might even have seen some of it before … remember the Heineken walk-in-fridge  advert with the huge clothes and shoe closet, with the ladies going wild at the sight of it … then the contra-cheer from the guys having the walk-in fridge being shown to them? Yes, that one! If you look carefully, Tarryn is one of the hostess’ friends (you wouldn’t have seen the Halifax Bank advert she was in though – we don’t have that bank in South Africa – but it’s worth watching anyway).

There have been some other projects too – and an image of her on the cover of Cosmopolitan Magazine!

She knows what she’s doing – please support her and the team as they make this short film, WATCH THE VIDEO “Hell Hath No Fury” here. (… or you could see more of her work HERE)

Please consider supporting this KICKSTARTER PROJECT.


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