In the run-up to Christmas and the holidays …

022311-2b.cdrHere’s a thought – why not make your journey part of your holiday? So, with that in mind remember that SPEED KILLS, also that it is better to ARRIVE ALIVE and be a little late if needs be …. and also that DRINKING AND DRIVING is really very stupid!

Rather pull over if the traffic on the road is so busy that it’s starting to frustrate and irritate you. Have regular breaks, yes, I KNOW it messes up your average speed but what’s the rush anyway? Take detours to view sites. Have a picnic at the side of the road – not while you’re driving. Stop to take photos. Stop and explore in small townsavoid the by-pass roads.

There are small businesses all over the country just waiting to welcome you and make you feel special – do them the favour and courtesy of giving them a chance to impress you by visiting them!

Does an extra hour or two onto your travelling time REALLY matter in the greater scheme of things? If you’re in THAT much of a rush to get to your destination, you should have left a day earlier! Happy holidays!


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