More than just nuts and bolts

GideonGideon Schoeman does more than just fixing an irrigation system … or supplying and maintaining an air conditioner … or repairing the electrical problem in your home … or … or … or

Don’t let the name “GS Engineering Supplies” throw you! Apart from the above there is a a whole lot more GS can do for you. Yes, they supply many components and units that farmers and industry needs, BUT they are able to supply, install, maintain and repair all kinds of things too … for instance, take the repair done a few days ago to the Cooling Unit for a Milk Tank on one of the Dairy Farms outside Napier … or the submersible borehole pump that was installed on a farm … or the total repair and refurbishment on a generator … or even the fixing of a faulty switch on a Toyota Corolla.

Just call them to find out more (space here is too limited)!


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