Bertie’s Bench – a fitting memorial in Agulhas

Berties Bench

Berties Bench

When a loved one dies and the family erect a memorial to the deceased it is wonderful that they can, from time to time make a pilgrimage to that place in order to spend time at that place and reflect on memories and experiences.

We decided to go on an outing and take a picnic breakfast to Agulhas – we stopped along Marine Drive and found a place where we could sit and watch the sea … there was a bench there with a view across the shallow bay looking towards the lighthouse.

On the bench there was a plaque that was placed there as a memorial to what was obviously a keen fisherman, a much loved husband and a father. It was plain to me that the position of the bench was in the place that held special memories for Bertie’s family. Was this his favourite fishing spot? Was this the place that he brought the family when he relaxed and fellow-shipped with them? Was this where he and his wife sat and watched the sunset and spoke about the family and their dreams of the future?

We’ll probably never know – but what I DO know is that when I sat there and watched other fishermen on the rocks, and when I sat and spoke to my wife about the plans and dreams for our future, it was a place that I would like my family to visit in order to remember me and what I did there!

Thanks, Bertie – your place on the edge of the sea is special to others too.


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