Most people take lousy photos!

Photography costsLet me elaborate on that statement – the images themselves might be great for Facebook sharing and for giving friends a ‘feel‘ for something that has happened in your life, but as a ‘good photograph’ … no!

The problem is that lots of business owners think that their camera-phone or their point-and-shoot digital camera snaps are just the thing for sending to the printer or the magazine in order to promote their business venture. But they’d be wrong. The lighting, the exposure, the background, the image size may all be factors in getting your audience to look at the picture and have a ‘ho-hum’ reaction instead of the ‘WOW‘ that you’re after.

For things like brochures, business cards, advertising spreads, and pamphlets, print media is unforgiving if the image is not just right – you could end up with blurred lines, pixellations and badly composed images…

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