You smell like an orchard … have you been drinking?

Rutters Stocktakers

There is a London restaurant that is offering a three-course, 500-calorie meal for slimmers. Is this in response to the eternal cry of those seeking to lose a few pounds … “I can’t go to any restaurant because everything on the menu doesn’t fit into my diet?” Or is it a ploy to lure publicans from all over the country to dine in London because the CEO of the British Institute of Innkeeping has said that results of the recent survey should “… act as a wake-up call to the industry …?”

This report describes many landlords as “chublicans” because their lifestyles have made them obese. Some would argue that Tim Hulme’s words come too late because for years and years insurance underwriters have regarded workers in the Industry as high risk and slapped a loading onto any premiums – not only because of their exposure to alcohol but…

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