Not a boring week’s activities …

IMAG4656_1Had a great time at the Red Windmill chatting over a pot of rooibos … what struck me was how peaceful this is as a place to grab some “me time” to sit and relax, looking over the fields and enjoying the lack of hustle and bustle! Sure, you can hear the cars and the trucks go by, but the noise from them is so reduced it renders them an unassuming background noise. It was interesting to see a regular there – a chap from Struisbaai who comes there every week to enjoy a breakfast and he uses that time to reflect on his week past and what is to come! And then the ladies arrived – a couple of sisters who were driving around with their mother just looking for something different and delicious. They found it! accompanied Keith Murray (Keith Imaging) to the bright lights to listen to a talk given by Tamra Capstick-Dale  (MD of PR firm Corporate Image) … how interesting and refreshing to listen to someone knowledgeable give a different perspective on business matters. Excellent talk, great company and good food – hosted by SAFREA (South African Freelancers Association).

But before the meeting we got caught in rush hour traffic, took some photos at Mouille Point, had a snack at a roadside bistro, wandered around the V & A Waterfront and wondered how so many of the shops stay in business when they ask exorbitant prices for their goods and don’t seem to have any customers – but that’s just a “country bumpkin’s” perspective (R2000.00 for a gents shirt, maybe because it has a nice collar?). We also parked outside the building I used to have an office in, many moons ago … in a way it seems like yesterday!

The “country mice” headed back to Hermanus and after a pleasant breakfast on Thursday met with a dynamic person who is pushing the Overberg to overseas firms as THE PLACE to visit to make their films and adverts – after all, we have the sea, the mountains, the winelands, the caves, the extreme sports, the hotels, the restaurants, the open spaces, the fantastic people, the great cooks and a lot less traffic! (Watch this space for more on this one!)


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