If you’re not a member … why?

Napier Collage 2The recent Annual General Meeting of the Residents Association in Napier was attended by 27 people – this included 5 members of the Committee … which was a bit discouraging considering how much some residents have to say about “their town” when things don’t go they way they think it should.

It was notable that the most vociferous critics of the Municipality in particular and the Government in general didn’t make an appearance! And not surprisingly, neither did those who continually carp on about “what does the residents association do for me?” turn up!ย (although the meeting was widely advertised for over a month before the event – even advertised in the Suidernuus, because not everyone has the internet … ).

Those who did attend were given some insight into what the NRA’s activities were over the past year. These activities included the challenges the NRA EXCO faced regarding the flooding Napier has experienced, the stormwater and sewerage issues that have been plaguing some residents for over a year, the problems with electricity supplies, with vagrants, with juvenile delinquents, with overloaded vehicles placing undue strain on the road system, the service non-delivery from Municipal Departments, the non-communication from CAM officials to mention just a few.

We also heard about the absolute uselessness of the grader that is supposedly “fixing” the dirt roads in Napier when in fact all he is doing is scraping away the topsoil and making sure that when the next rains come they have a man-made channel down which to run and cause more damage. You would think that a roads engineer would at least have cottoned on to the idea that grading topsoil away is about as useful as a bucket-load of pregnant crickets! But the NRA have been saying this for years!

Hopefully the more people who share this post will help to get the message sent to the “powers that be” about the uselessness of their actions!

The meeting also heard of the decided lack of interest that CAM showed in the Napier’s desire to celebrate 175 years of being in existence – and even less desire to acknowledge that Bredasdorp is the same age. If it wasn’t for the efforts of Lindy Warren and her team the Napier 175 Festival would never have taken off – between them they arranged a series of events, competitions and activities that while not asย in-your-faceย as a mardi gras, was still very significant in bringing tourism to the village (borne out by the large number of visitors we had), and provided a variety of entertaining activity for the residents and wider local community. Thank you, Lindy for your efforts and dedication to this milestone in Napier’s history.

The meeting also heard about the Community Police Forum and the work they do in an effort to keep residents safe – we also heard how people are not co-operating with them to the extent that they should. They are the legislated body set up to deal with these matters and people going off and trying to organize their own “thing” in order to fix a problem doesn’t work.

The outgoing Committee see two members unable to serve during the coming year but they do have some names of people who might be prepared to serve on this body who they will be contacting in due course.

AGM Minutes 27 March 2014

Final thought: When you have a problem and something needs to be addressed to the Municipal authorities, who represents you as a Napier resident? Do you have to go it alone? This is one of the functions the NRA strives to do, to be a voice of the people and a liaison between CAM and the residents – how much more effective the NRA would be if they can go to the Municipality and say, “we represent 3000 residents on this matter …” At the moment they can only say, we represent just over 90!

If you are a resident of Napier, are you a member of the Residents Association? If not – why not?
(Membership forms can be obtained by emailing: napier.residents@gmail.com)

(… maybe we should just publish the list of members in an effort to generate some activity from those who “thought” they were members …)




2 comments on “If you’re not a member … why?

  1. You’re so right – what a shame those who sit around in their sewing circles, or round the bar with their mates, or on the bowling green talking about the “ills of the country and the terrible state we are in” are just too lazy and apathetic to get off their fat backsides to put their money where their mouth is … because it would disrupt their comfortable routine of doing bugger-all and moaning!

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