Earn money working from home …

Earn money from home

Earn money from home

Here’s the deal: earn R25 per hour + commission working from home – you need good internet connection, good spoken English … there is NO selling involved.

This is NOT Multi Level Marketing, AMWAY, Herbalife nor any other similar scheme

I have been asked to “test the waters” to see if there are any interested people – it would entail using an online CRM programme that has already been set up … phone calls (using Skype) would need to be made to businesses and the objective is to make an appointment for a representative to go and visit the business. That’s all!

If a successful sale is made by the representative, then the  person setting up the appointment (that’s you) will receive a further 1½% of the value of the sale as a commission.

The necessary training (on-line) will be given.

Requirements –

  • a good, continuous internet connection that supports Skype (Skype video is not required).

  • Good spoken English and the ability to understand and comprehend


Then contact me for more information … please send an email to me to: info@theoverberg.com with the heading:

  • “SEND INFO TO EARN £’s” …

  • Then just put your NAME and EMAIL ADDRESS that you want to use in the body of the email (some people don’t want to use a business email address) … and include your Mobile Telephone Number

  • I will then get information sent to you.


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