How old are you, grandpa?

Grumpy's Book of Knowledge

Wilted poppies Wilted poppies

How old are you, grandpa?
With your glasses and things
and old photos and boxes and envelopes you look at?

What do you find so alluring when you look at your medals
and friend’s Facebook posts of faded old photos
with forgotten names and smiling faces?

Why do you spend so much time looking
for crusty old school mates who were bullies anyway
and made your life hard? Who made you cry?

And what is the thing that draws you to look
at old maps and pictures and videos too
that depict a war no one wanted and no one remembers?

How many people will you search for today
who weren’t your buddies or pals
but somehow you feel an affinity for, just saying?

Are you really going to go to that reunion
where all the names are strange
but the school is well known?

If you walk…

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