Looking to get rid of some old “stuff” … ?

The Plough Shed exteriorI received this message …I need to keep adding to my shop to offer an interesting retail experience to shoppers … so, I need to find ….. (anyone out there in the Overberg who has any of the following stuff that I can buy from them, that I can clean up or paint for the shop. I need …

· OLD metal / wooden garden equipment eg. wheelbarrows, watering cans, tin buckets, spades etc

· OLD farming implements eg. hoe/hay fork/sickle/plough type implements

· INTERIOR DECORATING books featuring Shabby Chic paint techniques eg. French – Provence, Italian, Portugese, Spanish, Latin American, Greek, Cuban, etc

· OLD straw hats of all shapes and sizes

· Weathervanes

· Gardening trugs (wooden ‘basket/tray’ with handle for collecting flowers, carrying garden tools)

· Bird houses

· OLD chairs and stools

· Little boxes with interesting latches

· OLD drawer and door handles

· OLD shower heads and taps

· OLD wooden and tin toys that I can clean & paint up

· OLD glass jars & vases

· OLD picture frames

· Wicker baskets, picnic baskets,

· OLD rusty signs

· Anything FUNNY! Anything that will make someone smile or laugh – a book, sign, fridge magnet etc – I have a section for this

I would like to get these from householders, not shops, as I’m going to paint them and refurbish before offering them to customers.

(If someone has a constant supply of objects, I am prepared to take some things on consignment)

I am going to be putting out the message and asking people to post photos with prices and then perhaps every 2 weeks or so I can drive around the Overberg, buy & collect directly from them.”

Give Carole a call on 083 267 9432 or visit The Plough Shed, in Dirkie Uys Street in Hermanus.


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