Tourism office to close in Napier … what are you going to do about it?

CAT closing may 2014Cape Agulhas Tourism (CAT) has announced the closure of the Tourism Office in Napier from the end of May – the bottom line is that it is not paying its way and is a drain on the CAT finances. This is part of a major shake-up in the tourism body after the recent resignation of the CEO was announced.

So … where to from here?

A very valid point was brought up at the meeting – when a tourist lands at CT International do they go in search of a Tourism Office? No … they are able to collect pamphlets, brochures, maps etc from stands in the airport. When you are visiting a town and need information you generally ask a local shopkeeper, or at the restaurant you’re dining in or you pick up a pamphlet from a stand that you walk past in a shop. Very few people ACTIVELY seek out a dedicated tourism office.

All businesses in Napier (and everywhere else for that matter) need to be more tourism oriented – they need to have some place where tourist materials can be displayed. And they should be knowledgeable of their own town to the extent that they can make some recommendations if someone asks.

It should not ONLY be incumbent on a “tourism organisation” to promote the attractions or facilities in any one town or region.

So … where to from here? Be prepared to market your town, your region and the facilities … AND be prepared to share them with people who visit.

There are also some excellent resources you can use to advertise your business plus you can share these resources with others too:

Info symbolSome Facebook pages:

  2. Village Tourism Napier
  3. Napier Patat Festival

Some Websites:

  2. Napier Patatfees

Also – don’t forget that there is also the Dorp Life publication that promotes the village and businesses in Napier – use it! (… and the Dorp Life is online too).

Do you want more links to specific businesses in Napier?

Or … if you’re not there already, do you want your business added to any of the above  … send an email to:


6 comments on “Tourism office to close in Napier … what are you going to do about it?

  1. Think that for villages/small towns as Napier your solution is the best. When we were in the ‘tourism business’ in Robertson most of the enquiries at the tourism office came from South Africans while most of the tourists came from abroad. It might be an idea to persuade a shopkeeper in Napier to arrange a stand with brochures with local tourism businesses and hang the ‘I’ sign on the gable of the shop. …… 😉

  2. Promoting Napier in local publications [ Dorp Life Suiderpos or what-ever ]is a waste of time as they are aimed at locals not tourists.Most cost effective is to advertise in existing establishments which have feet across thresholds – restaurants, shops, estate agents etc. In that way everyone helps each other without incurring any additional costs

  3. I am deeply saddened at the closure of our tourist office.Almost every time I went in I saw visitors from all over the world receiving the warmest and most knowledgable welcome,and being given excellent advice of the various sites and events in our Overberg. I consider this closure a great loss to our village …

    • Thanks for your comments, Anna – I think we are all saddened but it is a fait accompli, it seems. I understand the logic of what the Exco have decided, that if the office is earning nothing (especially when compared to other tourism offices) and is costing money that they don’t have what are the alternatives? There are no short-term ones other than the decision taken – BUT I am very disturbed that if the situation was as outlined at the meeting, that no remedial action was taken months ago. suddenly we are in “damage control” mode and I don’t think we need to have been there.

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