The black dog

Grumpy's Book of Knowledge

mlCteXKthe lurking lurcher inside each one

waiting to be unleashed

but we don’t know and ne’er suspect

this beast is lurking there

he’ll sit and quietly whine and wait

until the time is ripe

when least suspecting he’ll pounce

and steal the peace we thought we’d had

that bastard depressing hound, he’ll pounce and steal it all!

he’s in us all though he’s kept at bay for some

and never sees the light of day

but he’s there, believe me now

though I’d hate it to admit, he slinks within

and given the chance he growls and then leaps on out

“good society” won’t admit this whelp

is in their members there

they’ll scoff and sneer and laugh it off

when he comes e’en too near

but in their hearts they know it’s true, he cannot be denied

the bastard waits to pounce on them

especially to those who sneer and curl

their lips at even the…

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