Life out of a suitcase

Mr Sunshine

It’s Saturday, the end of another busy but productive week, sitting in the glorious sunshine on the patio having a fabulous healthy breakfast.

Yesterday was a whole new emotion that hit us both as we downloaded an email telling us that number 36 had been sold! This had been Josephine’s family home for 60 years, it had been my/our haven for 15 years as we visited on holiday or going to and fro to and fro to the USA. Then on taking up residence it became our home for eight years. We both had to stifle our emotions as we read the email. A difficult task as we were both sitting in the front row in a seminar.

At times when I think back over the last little while and think that we left London after eight years with just two suit cases, we had to have been delusional or it…

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One comment on “Life out of a suitcase

  1. Dearest Rogggg and Josephine — I think you are the bravest souls I know! I remember the trials and tribulations that Harold and I experienced when we made our move from Johannesburg to Stellenbosch! HUGE change in our life style — for the better for sure as it took us out of the rat-race and gave us time to smell the roses! Sure we missed our friends and close family and the conveniences of living in a big city! Missed our favourite shops, missed having lunch with the girls ! Missed lots of everyday little highlights! But would I like to return to Jozzies to live there? Never !! This is where I belong — !! So, my darlings, I am living every moment with you through your writings dear Roger! just enjoy this precious time together — time to talk, time to walk on the beach, time to splash in the ocean and time to bring your special brand of magic and caring to all those that you meet! I know that you will make a huge difference to everyone and everything you touch in your own special way! Love you dearly – Jeanne xx

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