Girls day out …

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Frinton benchIt was a group of girls sharing a lunch together that caught my ear. I couldn’t avoid paying attention as they were at the next table and were pretty vocal too. The one “holding court” was about 24 years old and spoke with the deep voice I have grown accustomed to hearing from women in Essex – possibly a voice developed from having a habit of using 30 to 40 ciggies a day. When she laughed she sounded just like Boycie in ‘Only Fools and Horses.’

The conversation turned to a variety of topics from “slags” who weren’t round the table at the time, to the various men in the ladies lives. These chaps were described in an assortment of terms from “fit” to “an arsehole.”

The wine was flowing freely and the ladies were constantly talking over each other and their conversations recounted events in ever-increasingly degrees of one-upmanship…

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