Leopard Attack

Tales from the African Bush

I have been uncharacteristically quiet over the numerous postings on social media about  the leopard attack which has received such outpourings of emotion.

Now that things are a tad quieter, let’s examine this event in detail, and let you all in on a few home-truths…..

First and foremost must be mention of totally irresponsible reporting. Reporting  that feeds emotions rather than the facts. One newspaper even went so far as to refer to the animal as a tiger.

Of course, people lap all this up, sitting back in their comfortable homes, looking at expensive computer equipment and making some of the most inane comments I have ever seen.

Look into the human aspect first.

The leopard was at the edge of the bush, fairly close to the road. The only unusual aspect to this is that leopard are secretive, cautious and very shy. Perhaps the driver should have realised something…

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