Will you “act” or “apathy”?

i-agree_MycPGdDO(1)On 28 November, 6 schools in Gauteng and Western Cape will appear in the Supreme Court in Johannesburg on charges of practicing Christian faith in schools. Christian attorneys will be representing them. It is expected that this case will be referred to the Constitutional Court. The enemy has stolen enough.  Please pray for the attorneys and judge to be guided through Godly intervention and wisdom.

Our country is falling to pieces while Christians look on in silence, while “sangomas” throw bones during opening of Parliament to eliminate God-fearing principles out of our schools.

Come on Christians, let us stand together in prayer to withstand this force of darkness that wants to destroy our country.  May God meet with President Zuma to completely turn his life around.

Do not take this request up lightly as the freedom of our Christian faith is at stake.  Please could you forward this message to as many fellow Christians as you can to crumble down this wall of resistance.  Amen!!

There are many readers of this blog who do not identify with this post, declaring themselves to be atheist, agnostic or of another faith that is not Christian – regardless, the crux of this petition is about religious freedom as outlined in our Constitution. The action on the 28th November is a move by the Government to restrict such freedom and impose what the State wants on a particular group, and not what citizens want for themselves and the community to which they belong.


6 comments on “Will you “act” or “apathy”?

  1. I believe that our human right of religious freedom is being attacked. I support Christianity being taught in our schools.

  2. I searched for this on the net. It apparently happened last year in 2014. The 28th of Nov 2015 is on a Sat. I doubt courts operate on a Sat. Could you do some research and please find out what the outcome was?

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