Rule #1 – Respect!


Business conversationWhatever you do in life, as much as you are able, treat everyone with respect – doing to them what you would like for yourself!

It doesn’t matter who the person is that you encounter, either once or everyday – show respect and politeness, it costs nothing but will yield great rewards!

Whether you encounter a till operator, a teacher, a lawyer, a petrol attendant, an old person, a child or anyone, showing respect is just plain good manners and the least that they deserve.

At some point you will encounter people who don’t deserve the respect that you give out, but you can deal with each situation on its merits at the time. But don’t let the actions of a very few prevent you from treating the majority of people you encounter the way they deserve.

Definition: RESPECT - esteemfororasenseoftheworthorexcellence

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