“I was only following orders …” (as the Nazi said to the Nuremberg judges)

Grumpy's Book of Knowledge

Much to doThere are countless examples of people issuing instructions to accountants, attorneys, employees etc but the same “orders” or instructions are often hidden behind when closely examined and questioned(“I was told to do this by the boss … “)

Take the case of the businessman who tells his staff to not include any “cash sales” in the daily sales figures so that he can avoid declaring “untraceable income” thus evading tax – any staff who follow those orders are complicit in the theft of revenue from the Government and just as guilty as the businessman!(“But I didn’t know …. the boss said I must do this …”)

And when the accountant is instructed to reflect less, or more than the bank manager, the Taxman, the Partner (or the wife) can see, then that accountant is guilty of a crime and deception and no matter how…

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