DON’T pass by Fisherhaven without popping in to visit this “new kid on the block!”

20160102_120535The Blue Roof Pub & Restaurant has only been open a month and already is becoming a popular venue for locals and visitors who have heard about it. I was impressed with the open, spaciousness of the place – there is a downstairs area with tables that leads out to an open air section with picnic tables and umbrellas.

But for me, the best part is the upstairs eating area with wide panoramic windows that overlook the distant lagoon. This is also where the bar is positioned along with the wide screen TV for those who want to watch the sport.

We initially sat by the windows on the high stools and later migrated to our table where we ordered pork ribs and one of our party ordered steak.The food was very tasty, well presented and served after a short but acceptable wait. There was a good selection of wines too.

20160102_120454The waitress was attentive and pleasant, but run off her feet – I’m sure there will be other staff added soon, seeing as they have only been open a short time. The owner, Paul, paid us a visit and had a good conversation with us but discreetly disappeared when our food arrived – he is a gracious host and does the rounds of all his patrons, even attending to small things like getting ice when the waitress is occupied elsewhere.

If there was any criticism at all it would be that it would have been nice to have had a bit more choice on alternative items available if one doesn’t eat chips or rice (like mushrooms, courgettes or brinjal) – however, Paul did assure us that he had intentions of expanding the menu and adding other items.

The Blue Roof Pub is a gem and anyone driving past Fisherhaven on their way to Hermanus and NOT popping in is missing out on some great food and a lovely venue.

Paul is an experienced restrauteur and I would expect this pub & restaurant to become one of the “sought after secrets” some would prefer to keep as their own special place and while allowing the masses go on to Hermanus.

 Blue Roof-2876

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