“Underwhelming …. I was expecting so much more!”

20160103_134341I had eaten a number of times at Seagulls in the past, therefore was looking forward to returning to an “old haunt” …. but it was disappointing. Seagulls has two levels, the outside, upper deck with great views over the sea and inside where the kitchen and second bar are.

We opted to go inside as the upper deck was “heaving” and seating was not easily available. The inside was empty except for a slouching waitress sitting at a table with her boyfriend (or some other acquaintance). The “maitre’d” for want of a better term had to whistle to get her attention in order to seat us …. said maitre’d then disappeared upstairs and was only seen briefly from time to time.

20160103_134349We ordered our drinks and perused the menu …. after 15 minutes of nothing happening we had to clap our hands to get the waitresses’ attention. She dragged herself over to the table and we ordered from the menu – Chicken Cordon Bleu … she returned to tell us there was none left. So we looked at the prominently displayed “Specials Menu” and I opted for the eisbein … again, nothing available … so then I tried to request the rib eye … nothing! She explained that ALL the specials had run out the night before and the delivery hadn’t yet arrived. She seemed miffed when I pointed out that the specials should then be removed from the displayed menu! Which she reluctantly did, although we didn’t suggest she stand on a chair to do it!). I would have thought that if the restaurant was properly managed, then the “specials” board would have been amended when they opened up in the morning, but that’s just me, I suppose!

20160103_132218When we eventually found something that they DID have the food was good and tasty – I had a beautifully cooked rump and my wife a tasty beef stroganoff (that wasn’t really a stroganoff, but she was happy) – her side order of vegetables failed to appear but we decided not to “tax” the clearly lethargic waitress any further.

The atmosphere on the upstairs deck was probably great …. but downstairs is was distinctly lacking. A further irritation was the kitchen staff shouting loudly to each other – from the kitchen across the empty restaurant. Also, the constant stream of visitors to the staff – boyfriends, children and other “hangers-on” was disturbing. The “muzak” from the DStv channel was probably the choice of the staff, but I don’t like listening to “rap-crap” when I’m dining (or at any other time if truth be told)!

The whole atmosphere was very unprofessional and rather TOO relaxed. We got the impression that we were an inconvenience sitting in the wrong place!

I might chance it again, but I would go to the upper deck next time and would leave very smartly if any of what I experienced the other day reared its head again. One wonders where the owner was to allow such sloppy goings on by their staff and really bad management of things like updating menus etc.


One comment on ““Underwhelming …. I was expecting so much more!”

  1. it might been your hard lucky i have been visiting seagulls so many times with my family but the standard has always been the same. seagulls has the friendliest staff more than any other restaurants in the overberg area. i might agree with you that season time its always noise at the restaurant but i guess that’s the season tradition..

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