Coming to the UK ~ The Bottomless Coffee Band … (make a note of THIS!)

Saffa's in the UK

SBottomless Coffee instrumentsouth African Duo Sensation Bottomless Coffee Band!! (they play ALL you can see in this pic!)

This is the story of the Bottomless Coffee Band – married multi-instrumentalist folk-rock duo from Cape Town; making songs about life, love, blues and breakfast!

Bottomless Coffee Facebook

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Lourens & Esté are visiting Europe & the UK later this year on their first international tour.  This tour will include Europe and the UK.  They will be playing a few shows in London during the first 2 weeks of August and thereafter will be heading to the FRINGE festival in Edinburgh.

Their FULL ITINERARY will follow and will be posted here …. please SHARE this information.

Bottomless Coffee Band consists of two multi-instrumentalists – Lourens and Esté Rabé – who produce a unique sound and performance. Their performance is electric and reminds of the good old days when Johnny Cash and June…

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