Nissan SA – How amazingly stupid!

nissanNissan South Africa have sent out letter to Nissan Lavina owners recalling a number of models because of a potentially faulty airbag …. the letter to the clients do not outline any course of action the client is meant to take, nor who to contact, in short they say ABOLUTELY NOTHING other than they are recalling the model.

It is up to the client to take all the initiative and try to find out how serious the matter is, who to contact, what to do etc …. after numerous, non-returned phone calls to the nearest dealership (in Hermanus) the client was told that the driver’s side airbag has to be replaced in all the models ….. BUT (wait for it) the factory has no stock! Maybe the part will be available in the new year … we will phone you! (better not hold your breath!)


I was sent this letter … (it’s worth reading)

OUTA“We would like to thank you for being one of 117,301 Active Citizens who took the time to comment on Government’s proposed changes to AARTO legislation through our portal. This is arguably the highest number of public submissions ever seen on draft legislation amendments in our new democracy.

Unlike petitions, submissions on draft legislation cannot easily be ignored by Government as they must provide proof that submissions were properly considered. Failure to consider all submissions could render the legislation challengeable in court. If these responses are ignored and prosecution is attempted, it leaves the door open for OUTA to defend our members from prosecution.

Of interest: When Gauteng’s freeways were declared as tolled routes (in 2008), they did so with only 30 public comments.  This time around, things are very different.

SANRAL are getting desperate to force the collection of e-tolls, and will certainly hope the amendments to the regulations are passed into law, unchallenged. We trust the authorities will take us seriously, however, if they choose to ignore society’s input, the resistance against e-tolls will enter a new phase. We will challenge every step.

Please allow us to continue communicating our progress and your continued role in this matter, by remaining subscribed to this email list. We believe that Government’s attempt to force these regulations and other legislation into place – thereby coercing the public into paying e-Tolls – must be challenged.

Please note that OUTA’s resources are limited to defending motorists who donate to the cause by becoming OUTA members. To those of you who are already one of OUTA’s donating members, you remain protected under OUTA’s E-toll Defense Umbrella, which means OUTA will take steps to defend and rectify attempts to withhold your vehicle or driver’s license – or if you are criminally summonsed for non-payment of e-tolls.

If you are not a contributing member of OUTA, consider becoming one by joining a growing force shaping the future and defending citizens’ rights in South Africa.

Click here or go to to become a contributing member.

Kind regards

Wayne Duvenage
OUTA Chairperson”

“Underwhelming …. I was expecting so much more!”

20160103_134341I had eaten a number of times at Seagulls in the past, therefore was looking forward to returning to an “old haunt” …. but it was disappointing. Seagulls has two levels, the outside, upper deck with great views over the sea and inside where the kitchen and second bar are.

We opted to go inside as the upper deck was “heaving” and seating was not easily available. The inside was empty except for a slouching waitress sitting at a table with her boyfriend (or some other acquaintance). The “maitre’d” for want of a better term had to whistle to get her attention in order to seat us …. said maitre’d then disappeared upstairs and was only seen briefly from time to time.

20160103_134349We ordered our drinks and perused the menu …. after 15 minutes of nothing happening we had to clap our hands to get the waitresses’ attention. She dragged herself over to the table and we ordered from the menu – Chicken Cordon Bleu … she returned to tell us there was none left. So we looked at the prominently displayed “Specials Menu” and I opted for the eisbein … again, nothing available … so then I tried to request the rib eye … nothing! She explained that ALL the specials had run out the night before and the delivery hadn’t yet arrived. She seemed miffed when I pointed out that the specials should then be removed from the displayed menu! Which she reluctantly did, although we didn’t suggest she stand on a chair to do it!). I would have thought that if the restaurant was properly managed, then the “specials” board would have been amended when they opened up in the morning, but that’s just me, I suppose!

20160103_132218When we eventually found something that they DID have the food was good and tasty – I had a beautifully cooked rump and my wife a tasty beef stroganoff (that wasn’t really a stroganoff, but she was happy) – her side order of vegetables failed to appear but we decided not to “tax” the clearly lethargic waitress any further.

The atmosphere on the upstairs deck was probably great …. but downstairs is was distinctly lacking. A further irritation was the kitchen staff shouting loudly to each other – from the kitchen across the empty restaurant. Also, the constant stream of visitors to the staff – boyfriends, children and other “hangers-on” was disturbing. The “muzak” from the DStv channel was probably the choice of the staff, but I don’t like listening to “rap-crap” when I’m dining (or at any other time if truth be told)!

The whole atmosphere was very unprofessional and rather TOO relaxed. We got the impression that we were an inconvenience sitting in the wrong place!

I might chance it again, but I would go to the upper deck next time and would leave very smartly if any of what I experienced the other day reared its head again. One wonders where the owner was to allow such sloppy goings on by their staff and really bad management of things like updating menus etc.

Do THIS before 6th January … or get ripped off some more!

C eTag freeIt doesn’t matter WHERE in South Africa you live – if you have a car, ultimately THIS will adversely affect you! There are 3.4 million cars in Gauteng, 13 million countrywide and only 19,200 comments on the proposed new legislation classifying non payment of e-Tolls as a fine-able traffic offense.

Government claims not enough objected to e-Tolls and thus implemented them 2 years ago, which is why we all need to comment now on the new legislation through OUTA’s portal at this link:

PLEASE SHARE THIS FAR AND WIDE (deadline is 6 January)

Do you have money to waste?

Fight TollsNo? Then please support this campaign against toll roads in the Western Cape!

Share this post by either clicking on the “SHARE THIS” buttons below, or copying the URL address and pasting it into one of your social media pages or add to an email …. but please spread this far and wide.


Will you “act” or “apathy”?

i-agree_MycPGdDO(1)On 28 November, 6 schools in Gauteng and Western Cape will appear in the Supreme Court in Johannesburg on charges of practicing Christian faith in schools. Christian attorneys will be representing them. It is expected that this case will be referred to the Constitutional Court. The enemy has stolen enough.  Please pray for the attorneys and judge to be guided through Godly intervention and wisdom.

Our country is falling to pieces while Christians look on in silence, while “sangomas” throw bones during opening of Parliament to eliminate God-fearing principles out of our schools.

Come on Christians, let us stand together in prayer to withstand this force of darkness that wants to destroy our country.  May God meet with President Zuma to completely turn his life around.

Do not take this request up lightly as the freedom of our Christian faith is at stake.  Please could you forward this message to as many fellow Christians as you can to crumble down this wall of resistance.  Amen!!

There are many readers of this blog who do not identify with this post, declaring themselves to be atheist, agnostic or of another faith that is not Christian – regardless, the crux of this petition is about religious freedom as outlined in our Constitution. The action on the 28th November is a move by the Government to restrict such freedom and impose what the State wants on a particular group, and not what citizens want for themselves and the community to which they belong.

Don’t bother with MyPCBackup – their service … well, it isn’t

Hand holding mobile smart phone with blank screen. Isolated on white.I used to advocate using MyPCBackup – no more … their service stinks, their “team” that are supposed to solve problems are not interested in helping and all they want to do is charge more money to “upgrade” your account.

Don’t bother – and I apologise most earnestly for even suggesting that you use them – I was conned by them too!

Why do the Municipality keep on ignoring Napier?

Image: W vd Westhuizen

Image: W vd Westhuizen

Patrick Seeton  (Napier Resident’s Association EXCO member) told me yesterday that Neville Cowan had asked of him, “Patrick, what progress on the bridges over the Klippedrift River …?

Patrick goes on to report as follows …

Well I finally got through to CAM’s Director of Technical Services, Norwood Kotze at about midday, the conversation went something like this:
Patrick: “We the NRA committee, have a meeting this evening, is there something I can report concerning Napier, the bridges and so on?”
Norwood: “OK, mmmh, we wanted to do some work there some time ago but you will recall we were delayed by Telkom’s requirements [because of the presence of fibre optic cable on Vanderbyl Street]. We did get a [road] grader from Robertson and this was put to work in Napier over the past two weeks.
“The plan was, when finished with the roads we would move to the bridges [first Trade(r) Street then Vanderbyl Street].
“We have received an answer from Telkom. We must give them a week’s notice before we start work there [Vanderbyl Street].
“We want to do Trade(r) Street [bridge] first – the gravel has already been placed there. We have a meeting tomorrow afternoon [Wednesday afternoon] with my teams and we can then have a timeline but I see that in the next week or so we will definitely start there.”  

The bottom line, folks … nothing of any substance has happened despite promises and platitudes put out by said Kotze on numerous other occasions over a number of years (and for those who are interested we have a VERY THICK file that documents the broken promises, the empty actions and the total NON-DELIVERY of all kinds of issues raised by Napier residents with CAM and Kotze in particular – apparently he’s the “troubleshooter” … we also have him and John Daniels on tape promising things that they never kept to  – if anyone wants the recording feel free to contact me I will gladly send you the unedited MP4 recording of the meeting)

So – I am appealing to all Napier residents and interested people to make their own enquiries of CAM as to when the problems of the roads, broken access routes etc will be fixed … and DON’T be fobbed off with nonsense from Kotze about no funds or Telkom permissions etc … it’s part of the load of exceedingly high pile of bullshit that has been emanating from Cape Agulhas Municipality for years now.

Contact CAM directly:
Municipal Manager: Dean O’Neill
(The so-called-trouble-shooter) Norwood Kotze:
Cape Agulhas Municipality:
Ward 1 Councellor, Warnick October:
Complaints Department:

Oh, and while you’re at it – drop a line to HelloPeter and moan like hell there too, PLEASE mention Kotze’s name because he’s the one who makes and then breaks the promises more than anyone else!

Tourism office to close in Napier … what are you going to do about it?

CAT closing may 2014Cape Agulhas Tourism (CAT) has announced the closure of the Tourism Office in Napier from the end of May – the bottom line is that it is not paying its way and is a drain on the CAT finances. This is part of a major shake-up in the tourism body after the recent resignation of the CEO was announced.

So … where to from here?

A very valid point was brought up at the meeting – when a tourist lands at CT International do they go in search of a Tourism Office? No … they are able to collect pamphlets, brochures, maps etc from stands in the airport. When you are visiting a town and need information you generally ask a local shopkeeper, or at the restaurant you’re dining in or you pick up a pamphlet from a stand that you walk past in a shop. Very few people ACTIVELY seek out a dedicated tourism office.

All businesses in Napier (and everywhere else for that matter) need to be more tourism oriented – they need to have some place where tourist materials can be displayed. And they should be knowledgeable of their own town to the extent that they can make some recommendations if someone asks.

It should not ONLY be incumbent on a “tourism organisation” to promote the attractions or facilities in any one town or region.

So … where to from here? Be prepared to market your town, your region and the facilities … AND be prepared to share them with people who visit.

There are also some excellent resources you can use to advertise your business plus you can share these resources with others too:

Info symbolSome Facebook pages:

  2. Village Tourism Napier
  3. Napier Patat Festival

Some Websites:

  2. Napier Patatfees

Also – don’t forget that there is also the Dorp Life publication that promotes the village and businesses in Napier – use it! (… and the Dorp Life is online too).

Do you want more links to specific businesses in Napier?

Or … if you’re not there already, do you want your business added to any of the above  … send an email to:

Is your internet browser putting you at risk?

Choose your browser carefully

Choose your browser carefully

There are a lot of warnings being posted around the world today advising people who use the internet to change the browser they use – the warning is specific … DO NOT USE INTERNET EXPLORER.

The reason – it is particularly vulnerable to hackers getting your information!

Read an account HERE then do some other research for yourself if you wish.

So what do you do if you are using Internet Explorer and want to change browsers? … go to one of these recommended browsers to use and download either Mozilla Firefox or Google Chrome … once either is downloaded, the system will ask you whether you want to make it your “default browser” and you should click on YES … you will NOT lose your bookmarks or other favourites by changing browsers!